Current Opportunities.​​

Open Arms Campus Ambassador

 - Accepting Applications
Open Arms Ambassadors are volunteer positions and a way to work closely with your respective schools to spread our message and change lives.

Read more about the position and apply here. 

Other ways to get involved!

  1. Volunteer
    Fill out the form below to apply to become a registered volunteer of Open Arms. By becoming a registered volunteer, you are able to represent Open Arms at your respective school and within your local area. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to start conversations across Canada!
  2. Coordinate Events
    Social gatherings are associated closely with the demographic we hope to reach. At your next social gathering, why not bring up Open Arms? Start a conversation about who we are and get others to sign our pledge.
  3. Talk to your Student Executives
    Across Canada, student executives are a major proponent in mental health policy change and reform. By reaching out to a student executive with one idea or a hundred ideas, you can make your voice heard and make a difference.
  4. Share Open Arms with family and friends
    Family and friends are the people closest to us in our lives, so share Open Arms with them and start that conversation. Get older friends to share with their children because there is no age limit to having a conversation.
  5. Reach out to local schools to share Open Arms
    Open Arms tries to reach as many corners of Canada as we possibly can, however, with so few of us, it is hard to get the word out. By sharing Open Arms with a local school in a small or large community, conversations and change can and will begin to happen.